Beauties of Slovenia, cultural and natural sights, interesting attractions of Slovenia caught in a winter idyll. In ten years taking photos of the beauties of Slovenia I collected a few idyllic winter photos. Series of photos below representing our country dresses up in a white blanket is only a small part from my archive.  

Postcards of Slovenia

Many years of hard work lead to cooperation with many publishing and printing houses. Publisher Sidarta published postcards of Slovenian tourist places (Ljubljana, Maribor, Bled, Bohinj, Soča) with my photos. Postcards are already available at stalls. So soon there will be available more of them with my motives of natural and cultural attractions of Slovenia.

LONDONSKE LISICE – nadležni ali očarljivi sosedi

Lisic niso polne samo pravljice za otroke pač pa tudi slovenski gozdovi. Kdor zahaja v naravo, ga srečanje z njo ne bo presenetilo. Navadna lisica ali znanstveno (Vulpes vulpes) pa zaide tudi v mesta. A napraviti fotografijo lisice v mestnem okolju, fotografijo, ki je dobra po profesionalnih merilih, ni tako enostavna reč. Kar sedem let […]


GEAart publisher issued a book entitled “Nature parks of Slovenia”. With many photos of Slovenian photographers and text of many experts has shown the landscape diversity with natural, geological and hydrological sights, with a unique mix of animal and plant diversity. I am proud of my photo on the cover and a few other published […]

Interview for Digitalna Kamera magazine

In the summer issue of the Digitalna Kamera magazine is published an extensive interview about my professional photographic career, from the beginning until today, when it is more and more connected with the moving image. Frank and direct conversation, including some details and tricks of creating images.