Interview for Digitalna Kamera magazine

In the summer issue of the Digitalna Kamera magazine is published an extensive interview about my professional photographic career, from the beginning until today, when it is more and more connected with the moving image. Frank and direct conversation, including some details and tricks of creating images.

MI-switch office – switchboard

Slovenian company Masterline International launched into the market a switchboard MI Switch OFFICETM , that is modern communication solutions based on IP technology. It is available in three versions: Basic, Advanced and Premium, which vary depending on the capacity and range of functionality. Save


GEAart publisher issued a book entitled “Nature parks of Slovenia”. With many photos of Slovenian photographers and text of many experts has shown the landscape diversity with natural, geological and hydrological sights, with a unique mix of animal and plant diversity. I am proud of my photo on the cover and a few other published […]