Photography master Matej Vranič

I am glad to see you on my web page and profile, let me introduce myself. I started to deal with photography when I was 25, which is quite late, without knowing that it will become my passion. Year after I sold my first photo, which was another motive for improving my technique and approach to photography. Many years of hard work and effort to perfect photography I upgraded my photography with Master Craftsman exam and gained a title of PHOTOGRAPHY MASTER. I am a photographer who enjoys photographing nature, wildlife and people, but each photographic work always represents me a big challenge. As a photographer I am not loyal to particular brand or technique. Abilities of top brands of cameras and lenses allow excellent results that are key for creating perfect photo material.

Photographic equipment

In the time of digitalization I joined CANON DIGITAL system and at the moment I use cameras Canon EOS 5D MarkIII, EOS 7D and EF lenses. Studio which extends to 250 square meters and height of 5 meters can satisfy even the most demanding customer. Continuous and flash lights BALCAR 750w and 1500w, soft boxes of various shapes and sizes, umbrellas, reflectors, shooting tents, different stands, grids, color filters, IR sensors and color backgrounds are necessary for portrait, fashion, commercial and technical photography. All studio equipment is mobile and can always be used anywhere for field photography. In studio and field work with photo models are always present hairdresser, make up artist and if necessary stylist and a team for scenic layout. Many years of extensive experiences, hard work and investing in knowledge, technology and innovations are key objects that I am trying to approach for the interests to my clients, including correcting photos with powerful computers and programs. With business partners that we have cooperated for many years we developed good relations, based on trust and excellent cooperation.

Photographic wildlife

Special part in my photographic world represents photographing wildlife. As a young boy I spent a lot of time in the forest and fields with animal company and regularly writing interesting notes and happenings. Later I replaced my note with camera, so that hobby changed into professional activity. At first my photos appeared on wall calendars and also exhibitions, since 2009 you can find photos with animals thematic in National Geographic Slovenija magazine and other magazines with similar thematic. By taking photos of animals I am very often using technique of photographing with wide lenses from nearness or distance 1m. In that way the viewer or customer receives a real contact and can feel the photography in a way of different dimension and point of view. Such approach requires more persistence, inventiveness, patience, prescience, time and knowing lifestyle habits of each species. Most of that photos are taken with help of top and modern equipment and technologically perfected remote cameras and other devices hidden in a various imitated objects that simulate natural object (stump, trunk, larger stone, etc.) as they blend perfectly with the environment and do not disturb animals.