MATEJ VRANIČ – PHOTO STORIES – reportage for National Geographic Junior magazine

In the September issue of National Geographic Junior you can read an article presenting eight tricks, how I took the photos for article, published in National Geographic Slovenija magazine. How the night photo of Long-eared Owl was taken, how to induce a hawk to puff up for a photo, how to take excellent underwater photo for a couple of Euros, how to make photo sequence of bat, how to catch photo of flying Swallow and many other interesting photos and photographic tricks. You will learn how much effort, preparation, patience, sacrifices, foresight and a number of repetitions are necessary to take the perfect photo. The text was written by Marjan Žiberna.

Fotografske zgodbe BJ-1 Fotografske zgodbe BJ-2 Fotografske zgodbe BJ-3

NG JUNIOR - September 2015 - 1