At the feast of the municipality of Šoštanj on Sunday 27th September 2015 an architect Mateja Kumer organized a special event. Visitors were able to see the interior of the mansion Gutenbuchel in Ravne near Šoštanj, which has always been closed for the public. Beside that, inside the mansion are exhibited art works of the UD Artus gorup and photographic exhibition of photographers from Šalek valley on theme: In visible honour invisible. Among the authors of photographic works is also friendly team: Aleksander Kavčnik, Halil Karahmetović, Elvis Karahmetović, Miran Beškovnik and Matej Vranič. The visit of exhibition and free guided tour of the mansion Gutenbuchel is possible till Sunday 4th October between 4pm and 6pm. Welcome!

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9 IMG_8844 Aleksander Kavčnik 12 IMG_8862 Halil Karahmetović 10 IMG_8833 Elvis Karahmetović 11 IMG_8842 Miran Beškovnik 13 IMG_8875

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