Slovenian Nature Photographer of the year 2017

I am truly honored that my passion to nature photography has been awarded by the members of international jury of renowned nature photographers that selected me as Slovenian Nature Photographer of the Year 2017 at International Nature Photography Contest »Magical Nature«. Among winning images, the photograph »1000 Frogs« received a title Slovenian Nature Photography of […]

The barn swallow – harbingers of spring – reportage National Geographic Slovenia

The most recognized harbinger of spring is The barn swallow (Hirundo rustica). Many people are still convinced that every year in the same nest returns the same pair, which is far from the truth. During migration many birds die from starvation, exhaustion, in storms and only 20% of them return. These facts attracted my attention, […]

Lesser horseshoe bat – reportage in National Geographic Slovenia magazine

The lesser horseshoe bat is one of the world’s smallest bats. They often kept in close proximity to human dwellings (attic, bell towers, basements) and can often be seen as hanging from the ceiling. They get its name from its distinctive horseshoe-shaped nose. They use the nose leaf in echolocation. Lesser horseshoe bats are able […]

Our city dwellers – reportage for National Geographic Slovenia

Every day, worldwide the wildlife is losing much-needed habitat for their survival. Those most adaptable species selected the nearness of humans and urban environment for their habitat. Although the nature seems flexible, we must look carefully at these ambassadors wilderness. They remind us that even in a city we all belong to the same world. […]

Long-eared owl – reportage in National Geographic Slovenia magazine

The Long-eared owl (Asio otus) is a medium sized owl. These nocturnal hunters roost in dense foliage, where their camouflage makes them hard to find. Head feathers (known as ear tufts even though they are not ears) raises when alarmed. Long-eared Owls are nimble flyers, with hearing so acute they can snatch prey in complete […]


The exhibition “Our day and night inhabitants” took place in open air gallery at the city center of Velenje. The project has been very extensive as it took almost seven years to take all the photographs of some typical species that can be seen on a walk through our city, as well as in all […]