TRADITIONAL CARNIVAL – Drežnica, Cerkno and Cerknica

At the time of Carnival in Slovenia we can find many traditional characers. One of the most traditional carnival groups Laufarija takes place in Cerkno. The Laufar’s family consists of 25 figures that all (except one) carry wooden masks called larfe. The main character “Pust” is dressed in costume covered with moss, personifies winter and […]


Elpro Križnič d.o.o. is a successfully growing family business with a clear vision and strategy reaching out for new business challenges in the future. The company is engaged in the development, production, marketing and sales of products in the field of electro and metal activities. They invited me to co-operationor for the new image of […]


Gutenbuchel mansion was first time in history opened to the public on 27th September 2015, for the European Heritage Days. After the great visitors’ interest an event was organized, this time in Advent atmosphere. Festive decoration was masterly performed by florist Simon Ogrizek with his team from PUP Velenje d.o.o. company. Advent touch in the […]

NA ŠPICI z Robertom Goterjem

Velenjski harmonikar Robert Goter je izdal nov album z naslovom Na Špici, ki je hkrati v celoti avtorski. Kot pravi Robert, je najn zelo ponosen in dober CD potrebuje tudi zanimivo in nevsakdanjo naslovnico. Tako sma z Robertom pri nastajanju ideje za naslovnico zgoščenke prišla do zamisli, da bi bilo najbolje, če bi se ga […]

Gallery Velenje stamp

In October 2015 the meeting “Numifil” took place in the Center Nova, Velenje. For this occasion the organization Festival Velenje edited the stamp with a motive of renewed Velenje Gallery at its 40th anniversary. The motive on the stamp Velenje Gallery is renovated entrance to the gallery. The photo of detail of the entrance is […]